The Mbraun LABstar glove box is a device that can be used to protect products, sensitive to the outside environment, from contamination. In the field of research and development, this type of equipment is essential. The Mbraun LABstar glove box is part of the ready-to-use equipment. Its design has been specially thought out to meet the specific constraints of the applications.

LABstar glove box from Mbraun

A Mbraun LABstar glove box is ready to use and is intended for use in industrial or university laboratories. These laboratories indeed host various types of developments and research of emerging technologies. These include chemicals, OLED / PLED, welding and lithium batteries. Users can, therefore, equip themselves with this hermetic enclosure to carry out their experiments in a clean atmosphere.

The Mbraun LABstar glove box is made of stainless steel and has a stand, a spacious main antechamber, a PLC-M, a controller and a rotary vane vacuum pump. It is also equipped with an inert gas purification system, which is regenerable and fully automatic. Humidity and oxygen levels in the glove box are kept below 1 ppm. Its modular design allows for easy expansion. It operates in vacuum and overpressure, with closed-loop circulation.

The applications of the Mbraun LABstar glove box are numerous: OPV, OLED / Organic Electronics, Batteries, Chemistry and Laboratory.

What about Jacomex glove boxes?

Jacomex is an international company. It has been active in the field of manufacturing neutral gas purification units and glove boxes for more than 70 years. Today, the company offers custom-made and standard equipment for a wide range of applications: research, industry, pharmaceutical-medical, energy and nuclear.

Jacomex glove boxes are manufactured to meet a high level of safety and watertightness. Of course, they comply with the standards and norms governing the various containment equipment.

The company offers standard glove boxes, such as the GP (Campus) and the GP(Concept), the latter also being offered on a custom-built basis. For research and industry, Jacomex can offer the G Box, which is a modular glove box with a regulated atmosphere. The G Mega, for its part, allows industry actors to have access to high-volume equipment. Indeed, this enclosure allows the integration of robots.

Jacomex also offers a glove box that can operate in vacuum or overpressure, such as the Mbraun LABstar glove box. In order to make its glove boxes more comfortable to use and more efficient, Jacomex equips them with optional equipment and accessories: analyzers, filters, feedthroughs, gas purifier and many others. You are advised to ask Jacomex for an estimate to have the equipment you will need.