The Mbraun Unilab glove box is designed to meet the needs of medical, industrial, pharmaceutical and physical and chemical research processes, that needs to be protected from environmental contamination.  Zoom on the Mbraun Unilab glove box.

Mbraun Unilab Glove Box

The Mbraun Unilab glove box can have characteristics identical to those of a clean room. However, it is distinguished by its less voluminous, watertight and closed structure. In a concrete way, a glove box allows to control an atmosphere in order to handle different chemical compounds, products, sensitive or dangerous objects.

The operator can have a visibility on the manipulations inside the enclosure thanks to its transparent walls. To ensure safe handling, the user of the glove box will use external gloves.

The Mbraun Unilab glove box is a modular workstation. It has been specially designed to meet the specifications of different applications. It is also the most universal glove box in the industry. This containment provides researchers and operators with configurations including a touch screen monitor and a gas purification system.

Specifics of the Mbraun Unilab glove box

In addition to the monitor, the Unilab glove box, manufactured by Mbraun, has the following specificities:

  • Modular design facilitating extension
  • Can be single or double sided
  • Powerful gas purifier of UNIlab SP/DP with PLC-M
  • Closed-loop traffic
  • Positive and negative pressure operation
  • O2 and H2O <1ppm

Applications of the Mbraun Unilab glove box

  • Laboratory and Chemistry
  • Batteries
  • OLED / Organic Electronics
  • OPV

Other Glove Box Manufacturers

Apart from the Mbraun Unilab glove box, you can also find on the market models of glove boxes manufactured by the company Jacomex. Jacomex is a company that offers professionals different models of glove boxes.

Jacomex glove box models are made of stainless steel. They are equipped with transfer locks that facilitate the extraction and introduction of the elements without breaking the containment. Their ventilation systems are equipped with filters at both the inlet and outlet to guarantee total protection of the operator and/or the product as well as the environment.

Various glove boxes designed by Jacomex offer unparalleled protection during operation. This means that they can be used in overpressure to confine the products under an inert atmosphere and thus make the process safe. When glove boxes are used under vacuum, they provide effective protection against hazardous substances for optimal safety of the environment and the operator. Jacomex also manufactures multi-purpose glove boxes. They can therefore ensure the protection of the process, the environment and the operator at the same time.

Jacomex dedicates its creations to different processes, such as the preparation of sterile pharmaceutical products, microelectronics, drug production, aeronautics, optics construction, etc. The company’s glove boxes are particularly useful in different sectors: pharmaceutical-medical, nuclear, biotechnology, etc. All the devices developed by Jacomex offer a high level of safety in terms of containment.