2015 World energy market in numbers

2015 World energy market in numbers

The Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), the American Association of Professionals in new energy technologies (energy efficiency, renewable energy, biofuels, smart grids, etc.) has released the figures of the global energy market in 2015.

The worldwide turnover is a new record at nearly 1.4 trillion dollars (that is to say 1.4 million million or 1 400 billion), making the Advanced Energy industry turnover double that of civil aviation, more than the turnover of the textile industry and almost a par with the entertainment industry level.

In the US market alone, the market amounts to $ 200 billion, twice that of the beer industry, almost as much as consumer electronics and above pharmaceutical production.


Globally, the market has grown by 8% or, according to the AEE, three times the growth of the global economy. This growth is explained by the low price of oil in 2015.

The AEE define Advanced Energy as “a wide range of products and services that brings together the most appropriate technologies to meet the energy needs of today and tomorrow.

This therefore includes energy efficiency services, biofuels, smart grids, renewable energy (solar, wind), nuclear power, electric vehicles, etc.


The publication of these figures comes at a time of energy transition in Europe and shows that energy is not only a hot topic for everyone, but also an important factor in the global economy. These figures are a source of great comfort for all those who espouse the benefits of energy efficiency and clean energy.