Coca Cola announce new production line

Coca Cola announce new production line

The beverage giant, Coca-Cola European Partners, has invested millions in its new production line. It will manufacture bag-in-boxes of concentrate, to be mixed with carbonated water, intended for approved operators and for catering. This will allow them to distribute soft drinks to their customers.

CCEP (Coca-Cola European Partners) claims that the new production methods will allow the company to deliver carbonated drinks in a more sustainable way, saving the equivalent of 48,400 t of CO2. The new production line has been revealed to consist of robotic conductors and energy efficient machines.

The company’s strategy integrates energy savings on new lines using a combination of technologies, including energy metering, automatic control of conveyors and reduction of water through dry lubrication on conveyors and air rinsing of cans.

This is one of several announcements made by the CCEP as part of its multi-year investment program which has reached a total of more than 700 million euros since 2010 in Great Britain. According to the CCEP, its investment program has increased its ability to sustainably support its beverage portfolio and serve customers effectively, by offering a greater choice of packs and products. It also gave CCEP employees development and learning opportunities.

CCEP’s investment level reached a record level in 2019, especially in the East Kilbride, Sidcup and Wakefield operations. This included significant investments in its production lines to operate as sustainably as possible, supporting the company’s sustainability action plan.

More than 1 million euros have also been invested by the CCEP in its apprenticeship program which has accelerated over the past 2 years by 50%, with nearly 75 recruits in field manufacturing and sales.