Crowley Carbon to host energy efficiency webinar

Crowley Carbon to host energy efficiency webinar

The Irish energy efficiency group Crowley Carbon are hosting a webinar masterclass on Wednesday the 26th of May at 3pm GMT.
The webinar is due to discuss and analyse how data can be used to drive energy efficiency and will feature guest speakers and experts.

The webinar is being marketed as an energy masterclass on how to reduce energy costs in plants. Among the topics up for discussion are subjects such as the importance of picking the right partner to match your company’s needs, data monitoring and analysis as well as the advantages of using statistics to predict performance.

The Irish group have revealed that the guest speakers will include experts such as Colin Martin, the Global Sales Director of Crowley Carbon, and Charles Sanderson, the Director of Process Optimisation for the group. Martin was responsible for construction, commissioning and operating two integrated bio-energy plants which converted distilling co-products into usable heat, power and clean water prior to joining Crowley Carbon while Sanderson previously held the role of Director of Fundamentals at Renmatix where he led a team of research chemists and engineers to develop a new-to-the-world process. Sanderson was also formerly a technical director at Cargill, the American global food incorporation.

The Zoom webinar is designed to teach attendees how to use data to identify developing maintenance issues as well as how to apply statistics to data in order to predict performance. The webinar also aims to highlight the importance of finding the right platform to make data easy to review and summarise.

Anyone wishing to sign up to the webinar can join here For those people unable to attend the live webinar, a recorded version of the discussion will also be made available to those who sign up to the webinar.