Alfa Laval unveil WideGap 100, their new exchanger for dirty liquids

Alfa Laval unveil WideGap 100, their new exchanger for dirty liquids

Alfa Laval, the Swedish market leader in heat exchangers, has unveiled its new WideGap 100 gasketed plate heat exchanger designed for dirty fluids. The exchanger is the most compact on the market and has a particular resistance to various types of dirt and is designed specifically to withstand fluids with large particles, fibres and solids.

Alfa Laval report that in many industries, such as waste water treatment, paper or chemicals industry for example, fluids eventually clog the heat exchanger, resulting in an extremely costly stoppage. Alfa Laval claim that their WideGap 100 is the solution to this problem.

Due to the greater distance between the plates and the turbulent flow, a WideGap exchanger would be less prone to clogging than other heat exchanger designs. The corrugation pattern of the plates creates a lot of turbulence, which prevents clogging and helps improve heat transfer.

The new WideGap exchanger 100 is designed for low-flow applications, and its port diameter is 100mm, which Alfa Laval claims makes it the smallest model on the market. The company also states that being a plate heat exchanger, the WideGap 100 would be more thermally efficient than heat exchangers utilizing other technologies. The Wide Gap 100 is thus suited for heating, cooling and heat recovery applications.

This new model complements the existing models in the range, the Wide Gap 250 and the Wide Gap 350.