ANAP – helping digitise FRench logistics chains

ANAP – helping digitise FRench logistics chains

A new guide has just been published in France by Anap (National Performance Support Agency) concerning the computerization of the supply chain. This publication is addressed in particular to management and is in the form of feedback.

Insofar as the organization of hospital logistics has a direct impact on the working conditions of professionals and the fluidity of the care pathway and that it represents a significant cost, this represents a major performance challenge.

Anap has thus provided feedback from various establishments, whether on their size, their activities or their region. The objective is to allow management to continue the implementation of a strategy or to initiate a logistics project.

The Anap publication, entitled “Computerizing the logistics chain – Feedback and lessons learned”, looks at all the logistics flows relating to consumables (media materials) and users, giving pride of place to digitization and computerization.

According to Anap’s explanations, setting up an efficient logistics organization, by supporting the functions common to the various logistics processes, requires the use of digital technology.

The feedback presented in this Anap publication concerns establishments that have opted for the computerization of their supply chain. It also restores the urbanization challenges of the associated information system (IS).