Apple aiming to sell solar electricity?

Apple aiming to sell solar electricity?

Apple, the US new technologies giant, is presently confronted with a small problem – what to do with its surplus solar energy?


Since the manufacturer is generating too much solar energy for its own needs and consumption, Apple has asked the US government for official approval to sell its surplus solar energy.


In fact, 93% of the electricity used by Apple comes from solar or renewable energy sources. However, in California and Nevada, the creator of the iPhone actually finds itself with more energy than necessary.


Apple has filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to sell its surplus electricity to the American energy markets.


It would appear however that Apple’s interest does not stop there as the US site Cleantechnica claims that, despite already producing an excess of electricity, Apple plans to build another 521 MW of solar production.


Similarly, rumours have been rife for some time concerning a possible Apple electric car or even an electric charging network. The latter rumour would appear to be based on more than just conjecture as the Californian-based firm has already expressed interest in this kind of technology.


If this rumoured interest is confirmed, Apple would thus be in competition with Tesla, a specialist in electric cars and who designed the Tesla Supercharger charging network.


It is certainly possible to imagine a potential marketing campaign based on a slogan such as “our electricity comes from renewable sources” …