Bison group launch new automated container lifting solution

Bison group launch new automated container lifting solution

The Bison Group has launched its new automated C-Lift A32 container lifting solution. The group claim that their new solution is a system that allows its users to lift containers independently, at the times and places that suit them best.

The C-Lift A32 consists of four mobile lifting columns which are driven by an electrically controlled hydraulic system and controlled by a wireless remote control. An on-board electronic device has been designed to help ensure the stability and the lifting of the containers.

Bison claim that the system is capable of lifting all models and sizes of ISO containers. Fast and easy to install, the C-Lift A32 has been designed to allows containers to be unloaded at ground level, while also providing complete independence to the user during unloading operations.

Bison also revealed that the C-Lift A32 has been designed to be a serious alternative to traditional container handling equipment. According to Greg Fahey, CEO of the Bison Group, the C-Lift A32 is reliable, fast and easy to install, with Fahey claiming that it only takes  3 to 5 minutes for an operator to lift the container from the ground up to the trailer level, for a load of up to 32 tonnes.

The launch of the new C-Lift A32 follows the successful launch of the BISON P32 model last year. The P32, a portable and less expensive container lift, is currently marketed in Africa, Australia, South America, Europe, the Middle East and New Zealand. Compared to the existing P32 solution, the C-Lift A32 is faster and more automated.