BOGE launch the new Low Pressure 150 compressor

BOGE launch the new Low Pressure 150 compressor

BOGE have unveiled their new low pressure 150 compressor, a compressor which the manufacturer claims has the best efficiency ratings for operating pressures up to 4 bar.

Boge claim that what sets their new product apart from oil-free screw compressors is that it uses “Low Pressure Turbo” technology. This low pressure technology is designed to allow the machine to be compact and to be significantly quieter than other compressor variants that are similar to it.

The use of compressed 100% oil-free air means that the equipment is particularly suited to sensitive applications such as fish farming, glass production, cleaning of production lines, etc.

A frequency converter allows the compressor to adapt to the needs of oil-free compressed air depending on the end-user’s specifications. Boge claim that as a result of their new technology, it is no longer necessary to regularly replace oil and filters.

The company also claim that the coordination between the compressor’s permanent magnet motor, its pneumatic bearing drive shaft, and its two-stage compression system means that the Low pressure 150 sets new standards in equipment efficiency.

With its continuous improvement program, the compressed air specialist also offers users of the Low Pressure Turbo 150 a very energy-efficient product. Another advantage of the new compressor is that the BOGE team can analyze the data of the machines while they are being used by their customers, this means that they team can then calculate the energy savings the end-users can achieve. In theory, this also allows the brand to continuously improve the components and software of the compressor to make it even more effective.