Celebrating World Drone Day

Celebrating World Drone Day

Saturday, May 5, 2018, saw the launch of the fourth edition of world drone day. This event, which was created in 2015 by two marketing experts and the founders of the “That Drone Show” website,has as its objective the promotion of the use of drones across every sector of business and life.

A wide range of industries and sectors already use drone technology while the continuing improvements in design and applications mean that the potential use for drone technology is almost limitless. The fourth annual world drone day was launched to celebrate every model of drone from simple drones designed for amateurs to quadcopters with four propellers. Other models are even more sophisticated and can be equipped with up to eight propellers to enable the drones to carry significant loads.

In the past drones were employed almost exclusively for military purposes with early drones often considered to be simply killing machines or a dubious form of spy technology, and even to this day drones are often shown in this negative light by the media.

In more recent times however, drones have become the preserve of passionate amateurs and professionals in every sector and are used for much more positive and innocent reasons. The world drone day aims to highlight some of the positive aspects of drone technology such as their use as a high spec toy, their ongoing use in cinema, in rescue missions, in the press, in architecture, etc.

The organizers of the fourth world drone day hope that their global event will help to convince sceptics to see the benefits of drone technology and also encourage the adoption of drone technology throughout the business world.