Cybersecurity – F5 networks acquire Volterra

Cybersecurity – F5 networks acquire Volterra

F5 Networks, an American cybersecurity software publisher, has just bought out Volterra, a Franco-American start-up, for more than 400 million euros. The boards of directors of both companies have approved the deal, which is expected to be sealed in late March.

The US cybersecurity software publisher hopes that the takeover will allow it to provide solutions to the complex reality of multicloud companies, a problem which Volterra has already encountered in its technology.

The stated ambition of F5 Networks is to create a SaaS solution that will solve the most important problems of its customers, as outlined by the president and general manager of F5, François Locoh-Donou.

Volterra was backed by Samsung Ventures and M12 (Microsoft’s investment fund) at its launch with the start-up conceived to provide a distributed cloud platform for connecting, securing, operating and deploying applications and data distributed across multicloud and peripheral sites. Volterra’s products were designed to provide companies with a unique way of viewing management, operations and security components.

The transition to cloud-based solutions has increased exponentially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the digitization of daily activities and physical experiences having, for the most part, been accelerated by Covid-19. This has thus caused massive spikes in global Internet traffic, at the same time creating new attack vectors impacting the availability and security of the growing set of daily applications, according to analysis carried out by by COE and founder of Volterra, Ankur. Singla.

Some form of Edge computing will be deployed by nearly 3/4 of companies across all industries by 2023, according to Deloitte, which estimates that the global market for Edge products will continue to grow at a rate of 35% per year if in 2021, this will reach more than 9 billion euros. F5 Networks intends to offer solutions to the new challenges posed by this new upsurge in terms of IT security.