DHL launch supply chain platform

DHL launch supply chain platform

DHL Supply Chain has set up a supply chain visibility platform called MySupplyChain which is a secure platform that gives customers full visibility into the supply chain.

The platform is accessible online at any time, from any place, via a single identifier. MySupplyChain is now available to affected customers in North America, but other regional deployments will also follow.

A complete and customizable platform

The MySupplyChain concept is designed to provide customers with access to different types of data such as tracking, traceability, inventories, operational performance, reports, business analytics and customer services from a computer or any other mobile device.

This will allow them to have real-time visibility on all operations in the global supply chain, from product entry into the warehouse to delivery.

About DHL Supply Chain

The company is a US leader in contract logistics and a member of the Deutsche Post DHL group. The company launched MySupplyChain early in 2018 and the platform currently serves nearly 500 users in more than 30 customer accounts.

As the world’s leading logistics specialist, DHL Supply Chain offers a full range of global and local services to deliver value to its customers’ supply chain in all sectors of the industry. .