Digitising tax returns

Digitising tax returns

FRANCE In recent years, the French Directorate General of Taxes has started to digitise the country’s often complex tax return process. The tax administration currently intends to set up several projects in order to strengthen its “big data” and accelerate its transformation.

The DGI has revealed that it must optimize the efficiency of its storage system and strengthen its data due to the increasing number of users of the various online services, while still managing to avoid fraud. The Fisc project includes many different sub-projects, such as identification, the establishment of a data warehouse, alerts, processing, security of access, visualization and analysis of data, information needs, a 360 ° vision, control rights and data collection.

The implementation of a data analysis and cross-checking system has therefore been analyzed with the tax administration hoping to master quality management and massive data processing. This new system is set to incorporate several algorithms which will allow the DGI to detect fraudsters.

The tax administration intends to have a system capable of providing better response times and ensuring continuity of service with regard to data storage. The DGI also intends to integrate automatic updates, thereby delivering 360 ° vision for end-users by generating profile sheets available to users.

It should be noted that the DGI has already managed to implement online tax services (SIMPL) and an integrated system of taxation (SIT) over the past ten years.