Emerson unveils new Edge Technology Solutions software

Emerson unveils new Edge Technology Solutions software

Emerson, the Missouri-based manufacturing and engineering giant, has announced the latest stage of its ongoing focus on edge computing technologies for industry with the introduction of its PACSystems Edge Solutions. The company described the new software package as  “a new portfolio of turnkey industrial edge hardware and software solutions” which has been specifically designed to help OEMs, system integrators, and end users “reduce the time spent integrating, developing, and validating digital transformation projects.”


The group disclosed that the PACSystems Edge Solutions combines Emerson’s Movicon.NExT, WebHMI, Connext OPC UA server, and the PACEdge platform in newly configured software packages designed to provide connectivity, visualization, and a cloud-enabled toolset. Emerson proudly claims that the technologies in their new portfolio can be used to “connect openly to any field device or control system to create advanced edge computing, plant and energy analytics, and supervisory systems, then present that information on a single, common human machine interface (HMI) from machines to the enterprise level.”

The group revealed that the newly combined PAC Systems Edge Solutions includes the following components:

  • RXi HMI: Designed to deliver improved visibility into machine operation and performance to provide operators with quick access to critical information.
  • RXi Edge Computing: Capable of capturing data from any source and subsequently delivering real-time insights and machine learning that is immediately accessible to operators to improve decision making.
  • RX3i Edge Controller: Designed to encourage real-time process optimization by combining high-speed, deterministic control and machine intelligence in a single device.
  • RXi Edge Analytics: Used to provide end-users with access and visibility to plant productivity, performance, and energy use with pre-configured analytics.
  • RXi Supervisor: The role of the RXi Supervisor is to convert plant assets and production data into a comprehensive, real-time view of production operations with anywhere-access visualization.


Emerson also revealed that the software package is designed for activities possible such as securely and proactively monitoring machine health, improving actionability and visibility into performance, and notifying operators of potential issues before they result in downtime. The group also stated that the PAC Systems Edge Solutions portfolio is designed to allow users to start with one application and build it up from there depending on the users’ needs.