Epson Robots launch new GX-4 and GX-8 robots

Epson Robots launch new GX-4 and GX-8 robots

Epson Robots has recently unveiled six new robots which are capable of working with 4 kg and 8 kg payloads and have arm lengths that range from 250 mm to 650 mm. The Selective Compliance Assembly (or Articulated) Robotic Arm (SCARA) robots can perform assembly, pick and place, and complete small parts handling tasks in cycle times between 0.28 and 0.35 seconds. The GX robots are designed for manufacturers of medical devices, electronics and consumer electronics.

“The GX4 and GX8 SCARA robots allow users to manage robotic solutions powerfully and with a compact footprint. Integration with Epson RC+ software helps manufacturers get the most out of their robots in terms of simplicity and performance,” said Scott Marsic, group product manager, Epson Robots.

Some of the notable features of the SCARA Robots are

  • Battery-less encoders that don’t require a battery to keep data in memory.
  • A built-in Ethernet cable, so data is less likely to degrade or get lost along the way.
  • A low residual vibration with fast settling times that has no ringing or overshoot for placement.
  • An optimized footprint, which will occupy less floor space and has multiple mount options and a cable bottom exit option.
  • A low total cost of ownership (TCO), representing the cost of the device and the cost of operation throughout its lifetime.
  • Builds that withstand demanding high-tech environments, including cleanroom (ISO3), Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), and clean/ESD. The GX8 robots further support protected IP65, which allows the devices to work in an environment with low-pressure water jets and water coming from any or all directions, condensation, and water spray. Washdown and dustproof models are available for GX8 robots.
  • Advanced integrated options, including parts feeding, force guidance, conveyor tracking, fieldbus, .NET, and arm length calibration.
  • Vision guidance that allows the robots to pick up non-fixed moving parts and eliminates expensive part presentation fixtures.

Some of the principal advantages of the new series include:

  • Greater precision, with multiple arm configurations and reach options. The GX4 with a 350 mm arm has a unique curved shape that creates a larger work envelope.
  • For GX8 options, over 96 models are available. A longer Z-axis on all models allows more vertical motion up and down; there is also a long-reach option available.
  • Faster cycle times with higher acceleration for increased part throughput.
  • No recurring license fee for Epson RC+ software.
  • Epson RC+ software’s simple user interface, integrated debugger, and advanced 3D simulator.
    The GX4 robots have arm lengths of 250, 300 or 350 mm and can be mounted on tables and multiple other types of surfaces. The GX8 robots have arm lengths of 450, 550 or 650 mm and can be mounted on tables, ceilings and walls.


Epson believes that their SCARA robots stand out from competitor devices as a result of Epson’s proprietary GYROPLUS technology and rigid arm design. These design traits ensure that the robots make more precise movements with less error. In addition, every robot comes equipped with a controller, software and a connector set (I/O and safety circuit connectors)—along with an E-stop unit for shutting down the equipment in an emergency.

Epson first demonstrated the capabilities of their robots  at Automate, an A3 trade show that highlights innovation in automation. This marked the first time that the SCARA robots were showcased in the USA.