Factory 4.0 – JPB Systeme accelerate their plant project

Factory 4.0 – JPB Systeme accelerate their plant project

JPB System is a French-based supplier of self-braking devices for space and aeronautics. As part of the France Relance plan, a plan to stimulate and energise economic growth in France, the SME recently received 1.5 million euros in funding. This sum will enable it to speed up its 4.0 plant project, which will serve as a springboard for its diversification strategy.

The crisis has forced the shutdown of many aeronautical projects but JPB System, for its part, is accelerating the construction of its connected and intelligent factory in Seine-et-Marne, near Villaroche, with work scheduled to begin starting this summer. The project, with an estimated cost of 30 million euros, including 1.5 million provided by the State, aims to set up several automated production units, favoring remote supervision systems and predictive maintenance tools.

JPB Système wants to highlight its know-how in terms of the digitization of production tools and to launch the sale of special Factory 4.0 solutions. The company has thus strengthened its IT skills and worked to develop new protocols between production machines and control machines.

In 2017, the SME plant had 6 production units each managed by 2 operators only. The company revealed that machine activity reports are received on remotely controlled equipment and smartphones while predictive maintenance sensors were recently launched. These sensors listen to machines, record sounds as well as being able to detect anomalies and alert the operator before failure.

The Villaroche plant will serve as a showroom for the performance of the production techniques deployed by the company and the rigor applied to its aeronautical and space parts. Its solutions for Factory 4.0 will soon be released under the Keyprod brand.