First Tesla Town to be constructed in Australia

First Tesla Town to be constructed in Australia

In a development which seems like it has emerged from the pages of a science fiction book, the US giant Tesla has revealed plans to build “Tesla Towns”, beginning with a suburb in Melbourne.


Tesla is a company, founded by Elon Musk, which sells high-end electric vehicles that have the capacity to run autonomously for over 400 km (compared to the 150 km of the Renault Zoe, for example). Tesla is also a big player in energy storage of photovoltaics with its Tesla Powerwall charger, a lithium-ion battery 7 kWh, which is used to store the energy produced by solar panels on houses.


The project will take place in Australia, in a suburb just outside of Melbourne and located near the Yarra river which gives the suburb its name of Yarrabend. Yarrabend is being marketed by the Australian group Glenvill as “the world’s first Tesla town “. For the project, the houses built in the 16 hectare suburb will come equipped with solar panels and Tesla Powerwalls as standard.


The houses will also have charging points for electric cars, high-speed internet, and access to a “YarraBend” application that will provide local information, such as public transport time schedules or the ability to have food delivered and even carpooling.


The first houses are available for sale this week, with contracts signed in August expected to have a late 2017 delivery date.