French computer and digital science forum opens its doors

French computer and digital science forum opens its doors

Since March 13, 2018, the new computer & digital science forum is open to the public. It is a permanent space entirely dedicated to computer science and digital sciences.

To mark this date, an exhibition was designed by the Palais de la Découverte to allow those who wish to immerse themselves in the world of digital.

In fact, the science of computing is closely linked to that of digital, and these two technologies are currently an integral part of our daily lives (sending an email, calculating weather forecasts, etc.).

It is therefore useful to go beyond the simple definition or use of these sciences. You have to understand their stories, their benefits, their issues, and so on. This is the reason for this new center.

A prefiguration of this new permanent space was made in October 2017. From now on, it can welcome the general public from 9 years old.

Visitors will discover, among other things, what Big Data is, the main constituents of computing, algorithms, conversational robots, computer systems and networks, and many more.

They can also find a space where are exposed many prototypes designed by industrial and public laboratories.

And to top it off, mediators organize daily presentations and workshops for the general public and schoolchildren.