French national association for renewable gas industry launched

French national association for renewable gas industry launched

A French renewable gases association has recently been launched following an initiative taken by its 8 founding members, including the national association of AAMF farmers, the French Chambers of Agriculture, the Biogaz ATEE Club, the National Federation of Local Authorities. Licensors and régies (FNCCR), the FNSEA agricultural trade union, the France Biomethane think tank, Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF) and the gas transmission network operator (GRTgaz).

This new institution aims to promote the role of green gas in the French energy mix, particularly relevant given that these gases currently play an important role in the development of a circular economy for the territories.

Renewable gases have made it possible to treat and enhance agricultural deposits and waste while also promoting the development of ecologically and economically sustainable agriculture.

Ambitious goals

According to the partners, given that the total injection capacity was 791 GWh / year at March 31, 2018, this injection capacity has the potential to account for about 30% of the share of all renewable gas produced in France by 2030.

This means that nearly 50,000 biogas projects could be initiated by farmers, enabling French farmers to become more competitive and generate additional income through the production of renewable energy.

According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), it would even be possible to reduce this rate to 100% by 2050.