Hyundai and Singtel launch 5g technology partnership

Hyundai and Singtel launch 5g technology partnership

The South Korean based automotive group, Hyundai Motor Company, has recently announced that it will be partnering up with Singaporean telecommunications giant Singtel Group Enterprise to provide smart manufacturing and improved 5G connectivity for electric vehicles (EVs) on the Southeast Asian island state.

Andrew Lim, Singtel’s managing director for government and large enterprise, declared that the collaboration is in line with the recent budget announcement by the Singapore government on new policies designed to encourage more Singaporean residents to switch to electric vehicles. The partnership was announced after the country outlined its plans to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040.

The two companies signed off on an agreement in late March to work on a variety of projects based on smart manufacturing and the monitoring of EV battery performance for new EV battery subscription services. The duo also revealed that they intend to establish a city innovation center to conduct studies on future mobility. Both companies bring their own unique talents to the partnership with Singtel providing its advanced Internet of Things (IoT) communication system that offers telemetry, which enables automatic data transmission of battery status and performance to be delivered in real time. The two partners hope that this will improve the reliability of EVs through the use of data-driven insights. Hyundai also plans to use Singtel’s technology to develop more Industry 4.0 advanced digital solutions which will serve to enhance the automotive manufacturing process.

The partnership deal will also see the two companies develop a new 5G-enabled smart factory use case for the new Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Center Singapore (HMGICS). The South Korean auto company has stated its intention to eventually deploy these new 5G-enabled smart manufacturing platforms across its global manufacturing centers. Hyundai have previously described the HMGICS as a “one-stop advanced manufacturing hub.” The 44,000-square-meter facility was designed to house the research and development of innovative mobility solutions that Hyundai hopes will transform commuters’ transport experience, with the project currently expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Singtel and Hyundai have stated their belief that these joint efforts will work toward “advancing Singapore’s EV ecosystem and Smart Nation vision of connected and sustainable mobility solutions.” Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative is just one of the government’s many projects aimed at transforming the city through digital innovation and advancements. The Smart Nation initiative includes investing in more research and development facilities, making data more accessible to the public, as well as enhancing mobility for the future transport system through autonomous technology and public transportation data.

Hyundai went on record to express its support for Singapore’s Smart Nation in a press release announcing its partnership with Singtel.

“Hyundai is delighted to work with Singtel, implementing next-generation communication solutions that will enhance mobility experiences for our customers. We also hope to explore future innovative solutions and business opportunities with Singtel to help realize Singapore’s Smart Nation vision” declared the senior vice president of HMGICS at Hyundai Motor Company, Hong Bum Jung.

In addition to the partnership with Hyundai, Singtel also revealed that it is now using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts along with 5G connectivity to develop its Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure product. The company claims that as a result, MECs with AWS Outposts can now be accessed from the closest Singtel site. Singtel is confident that this will allow businesses to operate applications that utilize AWS tools with ultra-low latency data processing.