Investments in energy efficiency in buildings fell significantly in 2017

On Friday, December 7, the Global Alliance for Building and Construction (GABC) released its report at COP 24.

This document mentions that investments in energy efficiency in buildings fell significantly in 2017.

The rate of increase was “the lowest”

According to GABC, energy efficiency in buildings increased by only 4.7% in 2017, representing a total of $423 billion.

This is the lowest rate of increase recorded in recent years. It’s worth noting that the total investment in the construction and renovation of buildings over the same period was $5,000 billion.

France, a good student

In its report, GABC points out that after Germany, France is the country with the second highest annual investment in this area at European level.

French investment has been reinforced by government policies such as the introduction of tax credits or loans; new standards for energy renovation and net-zero energy buildings, to name but a few.

The construction of low-carbon buildings will have to be further intensified

Finally, specialists have suggested that the number of new buildings will increase considerably in the next few years, particularly in Africa and Asia.

Such a situation could jeopardize the objective of improving the energy intensity of buildings by 30% by 2030, as part of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. To meet this challenge, it will therefore be necessary to intensify the construction of low-carbon buildings.