JLT Mobile join Ivanti Supply Chain Partner program

JLT Mobile join Ivanti Supply Chain Partner program

JLT Mobile, the creator and manufacturer of rugged mobile computing devices, has joined the Ivanti Supply Chain Partner program with the goal of facilitating its customers’ access to the enterprise mobility solutions developed by Ivanti Supply Chain.

These solutions help businesses optimize their warehouse technologies from terminal emulation, wireless infrastructure management, mobile application development software and voice. This improves the productivity of operators as well as the efficiency of the supply chain.

Ivanti solutions make it easier for JLT Mobile Computers USA CEO Eric Miller to migrate Telnet screens or web applications to Android or Windows 10 and existing customer systems to modern operating platforms on JLT computers Supply Chain.

Ivanti’s other solutions such as Industrial Browser and Ivanti Velocity TE are designed to help integrate existing Web applications or Telnet screens on modern mobile platforms while Ivanti Avalanche avoids Telnet connections being interrupted in poorly covered locations, associated with its session persistence tool, and Ivanti Speakeasy offers the addition of voice controls to any type of application.

As a result, JLT Mobile Computer is now offering its customers the possibility of migrating and modernizing the management systems and applications of their Ivanti Supply Chain certified JLT equipment.