Carrying out maintenance by smartphone

The American and Israeli startup Augury is now offering an innovative maintenance solution to its customers: predictive maintenance, compatible with modern smartphones. A sensor connected to the machine listens to noise from the machine and sends the data to a control unit which determines the machine’s condition via complex algorithms. The technician is then notified on their phone.

Augury claim their solution will reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption by 25%, breakdown rate by 35-45% and cut the time that the equipment is out of service by 75%.


These predictive maintenance techniques are different from preventive maintenance: they are not designed to regularly ensure the good health of the system, but rather to predict the evolution of the state by continuously analysing the behaviour of machines.

However, despite all the advantages that this technology possesses, only 12% of infrastructures, use such techniques, according to the start-up, principally due to the investment required, which will be drastically reduced with Augury’s new solution.


The start-up also announced last October that they had acquired significant funding totalling around £5million from First Round, Lere-Hippeau Ventures and Demarest, among others. The company hopes that this funding will allow the technology to take off, especially as a major partnership with a major building services company has already been concluded.