Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) announces a strategic partnership with Faurecia

Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR), a pioneer in the development of autonomous mobile robots, has announced a strategic partnership with Faurecia. This will enable Faurecia, the international leader in automotive technology, to deploy autonomous mobile robots in all its plants around the world and take it to the next level in the field of automation.

MIR offers a wide range of autonomous mobile robots designed to work alongside human employees to relieve them of heavy work and allow them to redeploy for more important tasks. MIR robots are fully autonomous, easy to deploy and operate, without the need for extensive programming knowledge. The reason is that they can easily communicate with employees via a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Given that Faurecia currently generates €17 billion in revenue and has 290 sites worldwide, this partnership represents an enormous development potential for MIR.

Faurecia, for its part, is a well-known operator in automation. It has been developing and testing various solutions to facilitate its internal transport operations for several years. The integration of MIR robots will allow the company to optimise its productivity and production flows, which will result in a gain in competitiveness.