Mobile robots boost production in Norwegian smart factory

Mobile robots boost production in Norwegian smart factory

Statistics revealed by Intek Engineering have shown that the use of mobile robots have helped boost production at a new smart factory in Norway. In a drive to improve the efficiency, safety and convenience of its plant, Intek Engineering has set up a dozen robots that can handle the various stages of the manufacturing process in an intelligent manner.

According to Sølvar Flatmo, Chief Technology Officer of Intek Engineering, these mobile robots from the Omron LD platform open up new possibilities for creating flexible and customizable production lines. They are able to move parts from one cell to another in a very short time, with great accuracy and in complete safety.

Intek Engineering claimed that these robots can move up to a speed of 1.8 m / s and can easily exit robotic cells measuring 95 cm wide, about 10 cm more than their own dimensions.

In addition, they can be aligned to the millimeter thanks to magnetic tapes integrated in the ground. Finally, the robots can intervene in risky areas, even in areas considered potentially dangerous for the personnel (cold rooms, high temperature environments, etc.).

All these possibilities have enabled Intek Engineering to accelerate its production process, the company claimed.