MP Industries manufactures street furniture made from recycled plastic

When a city chooses to invest in street furniture, it is always looking for the best solution in terms of value for money. To meet these challenges, MP Industries has chosen to manufacture street furniture made from recycled plastic.

The furniture created from plastic waste is both solid and aesthetic. They offer a long service life and are affordable. This means that, rather than being a plague on the seas, plastics are an economically exploitable resource for urban planning.

MP Industries is a company that was founded in 1998 as a plastic manufacturer. It then specialised in the recycling of plastics, developing “Mix Urbaine” (French recycled plastic street furniture company).

Mix Urbain is a range of contemporary furniture made from recycled polyethylene and polypropylene objects. Collected from households, this plastic waste is then used to design benches, bins, flower boxes, etc., with a powder-coated finish.

The material, commonly referred to as Recyclene, is rotproof, shock and UV resistant and requires no maintenance treatment. Another important advantage is that graffiti can be easily removed without damaging the furniture.

MP Industries has already patented its technology and offers a 15-year warranty on these products. Christophe Testa, the company’s CEO, said that these plastic furniture can be recycled endlessly. As a result of this, the company proposes to take back the furniture at the end of its life in order to be able to recycle it in turn. Even better, Christophe Testa has the ambition, one day, to recover plastic waste dumped in the oceans to make it into raw materials.