Neoen inaugurate Europe’s most powerful photovoltaic plant

Neoen inaugurate Europe’s most powerful photovoltaic plant


Neoen, a major player in the French renewable energy market, inaugurated the largest photovoltaic park in Europe in Cestas, near Bordeaux on the 1st of December. Neoen claims that the new 300 MW capacity park can, in one year, produce the equivalent of the energy consumed by all the homes in the city of Bordeaux. The company state that the design of the park is very innovative as it produces three times more electricity per hectare than other French or European park.


Xavier Barbaro, CEO of Neoen, commented on the opening, stating “We are proud to inaugurate this exceptional project and, at the very time that France is hosting COP 21, to write a new page in the history of renewable energy in France. This park shows the growth and performance of photovoltaic “Team France”. Neoen, the leading French independent renewable energy company shows that, in tandem with its industrial partners, genuine expertise exists in France and that energy transition also means economic opportunity, both domestically and for export. ”


Barbaro’s comment about industrial partners was highly significant as it was the Eiffage-Schneider Electric-Krinner consortium that designed and constructed the photovoltaic plant.


Frédéric Carmillet, the president of Eiffage Energie, also commented on the venture, declaring that “Constructing the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe in record time demonstrates the ability of Eiffage to mobilize all its expertise to offer integrated solutions and carry out large scale energy production projects. ”


This park, whose construction took 10 months and cost €360million, has 5000 km of cables, 100 000 fuses and 1 million modules to deliver a total power of 300 MW.