Robots to the forefront at CES gadget show

Robots to the forefront at CES gadget show

The CES gadget show held in Las Vegas allowed many companies to showcase their services and products. From the robot that makes pizzas to the underwater scooter to the banner that moves small cars using the mind of its user.

The annual conference devoted to technological innovations, CES gadget show, was an opportunity for many start-ups to present their products. Among the latter, a few attracted many visitors.

A robot, resembling an assembly line, developed by the start-up Picnic, has the capacity to make pizzas. An operator with an iPad tells him what type of pizza to prepare, puts a frozen crust on the conveyor belt, and the robot loads the various ingredients for the selected pizza. The operator must then put the pizza in the oven, remove it and cut it into slices.

According to the start-up, the machine can be personalized according to the needs of the owners who can add the ingredients or the crusts of their choice. It would also be possible to reconfigure the robot to make salads for restaurants or wraps, still according to Picnic’s statement.

In addition to Picnic’s pizza robot, BrainCo, incubated at the Harvard Innovation Lab, has developed a strip with EEG sensors to convert electrical signals into a digital scale (from 0 to 100). So small cars move faster when people are more concentrated.

BrainCo is developing headbands for athletes to test and measure their concentration. The use of mind games before training makes athletes more effective, without their training being changed, according to the company’s claims. BrainCo also sold blindfolds to schools to allow teachers to see students’ reaction and attention in class in real time. However, they are not yet on sale for individual use.

The Sublue company presented its underwater scooters. Their engines are powered by battery and they are designed for professional use (divers or underwater explorers). The company is, however, working on a model for individual use. The scooters have a smartphone holder and a strap to avoid losing them underwater.