Samsung Electronics to unveil US washing machine plant

Samsung Electronics to unveil US washing machine plant

The world’s number 3 appliance manufacturer Samsung Electronics will start operations at its washing machine plant in South Carolina. This is his brand new facility, set up to meet the rising demand for washing machines in North America.

This event therefore takes place when senior executives are still waiting for a tariff decision from the US government.

Indeed, the US International Trade Commission has recently pushed tariffs that prevent Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics from flooding the US market with low-cost washing machines manufactured abroad.

In June 2017, the South Korean giant Samsung announced the deployment of this plant, arguing that it would generate about 950 jobs over the next three years.

According to Samsung officials, this tariff recommendation could hurt job creation at its $ 380 million plant in South Carolina. In addition, the brand claims that this would only increase the prices of washing machines.

According to Reuters, US President Donald Trump should make a decision on this measure early this year.