Siemens and Atos launch Digital Industry Summit event

Siemens and Atos launch Digital Industry Summit event

Siemens and Atos have released a joint statement announcing their upcoming collaboration and to launch the “Digital Industry Summit 2018” event. The summit will be held on October 16th at Palais Brogniart in Paris, which will focus on Smart Data and the industry of tomorrow.

This national event is open to all the leaders of industrial companies involved in the sector. Its goal is to enable each participant to obtain technological, organizational and human responses to the challenges of digitalization.

It is essential to act now

By 2025, more than 20 billion devices will be connected to IoT (cars, TVs, etc.). Half of the major manufacturers will also use the digital twin, that is to say a digital double for each physical object.

This will result in 10% gains in operational efficiency. In addition, the global market for 3D printing could represent $ 7.7 billion by this time.

The industry must therefore transform itself and continue to innovate if it wants to benefit from a competitive advantage.

Finding answers to optimize their industrial productivity

According to the two partners, Siemens and Atos, the  “Digital Industry Summit” event is designed to be a platform that promotes the meeting and exchange between the various players in the sector. It will also create a real ecosystem that will invent the industry of the future.

French industries, regardless of their size, will therefore have the opportunity to learn about the challenges they face and the opportunities they can take to optimize their productivity, adapt to new regulatory standards. industrial cyber security, etc.

More than 1,500 visitors expected

As part of this event, more than 1,500 visitors are expected, among which are decision makers, machine manufacturers, SMEs, trade unions …; and about thirty renowned industrial partners.

The debates will focus on four major themes (Smart Data Management, Open Innovation Ecosystem, Data-Centric Services and Advanced Manufacturing).

The organizers will also provide visitors with a complete program of content and animations (keynotes, round tables, start-up village, etc.).