Stackr seducing new customers with e-Gestrack

Stackr seducing new customers with e-Gestrack

Stackr took advantage of the recent Supply Chain Event to reveal the evolution of its e-Gestrack solution for the automatic management of access to logistic and industrial sites. The company also took the opportunity to take stock with new commercial deployments and strategic partnerships.

A specialist in the automated management of pedestrian and vehicle access, Stackr showcased its e-Gestrack solution which the company claims has constantly evolved to meet the needs of the various logistics and industrial players ever since its launch. Stackr stated that e-Gestrack is a perfect solution for users who wish to manage the reception of goods and appointments, as well as controlling the operation process and allowing data access to be controlled.

Stackr disclosed that 2019 was a year marked by the pursuit of its strategy based on partnerships In 2018, the company partnered with Shippeo to launch the Fast Track offer. According to Stackr’s commercial director, Guillaume Portella, the company manages visitors’ check-in using access points and driver notifications in order to manage entries based on the equipment used by its partners.

The company has also worked to interface with the various security solution providers, such as Nedap and Siemens, to deliver better control of employees of logistics and industrial sites which are already equipped with security solutions.

Stackr also worked on the optimization and redesign of interfaces as well as the SaaS upgrade of e-Gestrack. In terms of business development for the company, 2019 was also a good year, winning a contract for a partnership with a major European beer producerto equip 3 of its breweries located in France over 3 years. Nestlé also used the company to deploy the solution at its site in York, England.

The company also signed further deals with Soprema in Belgium and Leroy Merlin in France. Stackr has also started a collaboration with a major player in European logistics to equip around 100 sites.