Tesla to unveil electric HGV in September

Tesla to unveil electric HGV in September

For aficionados of Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, will have to wait until after the summer to see the company launch its next foray into the electric heavy goods vehicle market.

According to information published by Reuters, the US manufacturer will unveil its electric heavy goods vehicle (HGV) in September.

The new truck will be called the “Tesla Semi”. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet that “The presentation of the Tesla Semi truck [is] well underway for September. The team did a wonderful job. ”

Elon Musk also mentioned that this is not the only project the group was working on. He said a “new kind of pickup”, a compact SUV and a public transport bus will soon see the light of day.

After the announcement that the Semi would be launched in September, Tesla’s Wall Street price climbed by 3.5% to $ 307.30 at closing time.

Still ambitious to assemble some 500,000 cars/year by 2018, this Silicon Valley company is still waiting for the launch of its Model 3 sedan, which has been designed specifically for the mass market.