The internet of things to stimulate growth?

The internet of things to stimulate growth?

The firm strategy A.t. Kearney has just published the third version of its study on the high-tech in Europe and it is the turn of the Internet of Things (IoT – IoT) of being the object. By 2025, the sector represent an economic potential of almost 1000 billion and 7% growth, however, whether immediate strategic choices are made.

These immediate choices concern including investments by companies in the IoT sector, and the will to define common standards “Without this synergy reinvention and risk taking, the opportunity to take the lead on Internet of Things could well escape Europe. It is particularly important that the historical industry groups and High Tech actors work together: this software is strategic change, “says Julien Vincent, cabinet director and co-author of the study.

Thus, in the sectors of industry, distribution, trade and sales, nearly 220 billion euros, which could be released. It is thus 7 major sectors where Europe has competitive advantages that are identified by the study: Health, Utilities, Automotive, Telecom, Security, Finance and, of course, industrial machinery.

All this, however, raises fundamental questions about security, at a time when the cloud is on the rise. The first study course these questions, noting that “European legislation today responds in large part to these concerns,” while encouraging the use of European legislation on data collection.

Hervé Collignon, Partner at AT Kearney Media, concluded: “If we can think that these measures will be cumbersome to implement and update within European businesses, we believe that this will provide them primarily two major advantages over their competitors: the ability to design and deliver services that meet the expectations and needs of users in terms of privacy and security, and the possibility of anchoring confidence in the heart of their contracts with their customers “