TRACKO: a tracking solution for industry

TRACKO: a tracking solution for industry

The Romanian company Onyx Beacon has just introduced TRACKO, a new tracking solution for the industry, which also acts as a management system.

The solution, integrated on mobile, allows locating and tracking in real time the assets and industrial equipment. Everything works thanks to bluetooth tags that can interact with smartphones or tablets, without any other terminal.

The solution allows, for example, to have a real-time inventory view, increase productivity and infrastructure accuracy, profitability and, of course, employee efficiency.

There are two types of beacons: fixed beacons, installed in the premises to cover the entire surface in grid form, and mobile beacons, which are directly attached to the elements to be located.

They automatically report their position to fixed beacons and nearby devices. These locations are then transmitted directly to the web platform via the cloud, in real time.

To locate a device, then simply enter its identification number on the mobile application. A sound localization function is even available, making it possible to precisely locate the equipment or object in question!