Tricel launches the Tricel Seta Simplex, a new compact single tank filter

The Irish manufacturer of micro-stations and compact filters Tricel has just announced the launch of a new compact filter that enhances the Seta range.

Up to now the Tricel Seta range included just a single product, the Tricel Seta, a traditional compact filter using Coco fibre. Now the range also includes the Tricel Seta Simplex, a single tank compact filter.

The operating principle of the products is the same, but the new Tricel Seta Simplex offers the tandem septic tank + gravel pack in a single container.

The two traditional components of the compact filter are combined in a single tank, which allows for greater compactness and ease of installation and transport, according to the manufacturer.

This new range therefore seems more suitable for new installations or for complete renovations. While it is possible with the Tricel Seta to install only the gravel pack at the outlet of an existing septic tank, the single tank wedge of the Tricel Seta Simplex prohibits this type of use.

The new range is available for 4, 6 or 9 person use and is already available.