Turkey launches its first electric car

Turkey launches its first electric car

The first electric car to be 100% produced in Turkey has been unveiled recently. Turkey has the stated objective of producing 175,000 electric vehicles annually in the long term, as part of a project expected to cost nearly 3.3 billion euros over thirteen years. This is a project backed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his AK party that dates back several years and designed to demonstrate the development of Turkey’s economic power.

According to President Erdogan’s statement, the country plans to market the car domestically but also aims to become a global brand. An SUV model and a sedan were presented bearing the TOGG label of the consortium (Turkish Initiative Automobile Group) which built them.

President Erdogan’s statement also claimed that the infrastructure dedicated to electric vehicle charging will be available nationwide by 2022.

Turkey is already a major exporter of cars produced domestically to Europe by companies like Fiat Chrysler, Toyota, Ford, Renault and Hyundai.

The state will support the new project through tax breaks with the project expected to establish a production plant in the north-west of the country, in the Bursa automotive center, following the presidential decision.

5 models of the car will be produced and the government has agreed to buy 30,000 vehicles by 2035.

The Turkish Initiative Automobile Group (TOGG) consortium was created in mid-2018 by 5 industrial groups, namely the Kok Group, Anadolu Group, Zorlu Holding, the parent company of the television manufacturer Vestel and the mobile operator Turkcell.

TOGG’s chief operating officer, the former CEO of General Motors Korea, Sergio Rocha stated that the production of compact SUVs would begin in 2022.

Volkswagen’s final decision on whether to build a car plant in Turkey has been postponed for the moment.