US startup unveil plans to launch a space hotel

US startup unveil plans to launch a space hotel

Space, the final frontier? Perhaps not if Orion Span, the American startup, have their say. Orion Span believe that space travel is no longer just for astronauts and to underline this point the startup have announced a plan to launch a space hotel called Aurora Station, which is aimed at the general public. Although the sceptics might believe that this project is rather ambitious if not pie in the sky, Orion Span have boldly declared that the space hotel will open its doors in 2022.

Orion Span claim that the space module will be assembled in its own facility in Houston, Texas and also announced some engineering partnerships. The company did not, however, confirm the possible engineering partnerships necessary for a successful launch of the space hotel nor did they explain how they were going to transport tourists to and from the hotel.

Booking a stay in this extra-special hotel will set back intrepid tourists a minimum of $ 9.5 million, with refundable deposits of $ 80,000 accepted at the present time. At this price, they will benefit from three months of pre-flight training and a 12 day, full board stay in space. The space module is designed to accommodate up to six people, including two crew members.

In their mission statement, Orion Span declare that it is their objective to “Build and sustain human communities in space, affordable to all”, so the launch of their space hotel would seem to be simply the first step in their drive to create a new human community in outer space.

Although the implementation of the project is not yet set in stone (insofar as the construction of the Aurora Station has not started yet), the concept promises to be friendly and original.