Waymo to join forces with Google

Waymo to join forces with Google

Waymo partnered with Google to launch a commercial trucking service in Atlanta. It is indeed an autonomous freight truck that will circulate in the region, without human intervention. It will carry server hardware, media, and hardware for Google’s data centers.

The company recently announced that trucking is a vital part of the US economy, and believes that self-driving technology is a must to promote this sector, while making it safer.

Waymo is needed against its competitors, including TuSimple, Uber and Embark. The latter are also specialized in the development of autonomous technology for the freight transport industry.

The company announced that during test periods, trucks will be driving on highways and local roads with drivers on board. They will be equipped with a sensor system, radar, vision systems, detection equipment and telemetry.

According to Waymo, Atlanta was chosen because it is a big logistics center, but it’s also because Google has been operating datacenters there since 2003.

Note that Waymo is currently a leading brand in the design and deployment of transportation services using autonomous vehicles. This impressive progression is explained by the multiplication of tests that it has carried out for nearly ten years in this field.