What will the factory of the future look like?

What will the factory of the future look like? This is the main question that many industrialists are currently asking themselves. What is certain is that the industry of tomorrow, at least from 2025, will be highly robotised.

The average price of a robot in the factory is constantly decreasing

According to a study report by ARK Investment LLC, the average price of the robot used in the factory is constantly decreasing. In a decade, between 2000 and 2010, this average price decreased from $90,000 to $50,000. This increased the annual sales of robots. Five years later, in 2015, the average price fell even further to $30,000 per unit. According to some researchers, this trend will continue. The average price of a robot used could therefore be reduced to just $10,000 by 2025.

Security, a major challenge

It is becoming increasingly clearer that the robotization of the industry is unavoidable. But this raises another major challenge: security. On one hand, robots must be able to be integrated into the production chain, without posing any danger to human employees. On the other hand, they must minimise cybersecurity risks. From now on, the main challenge is no longer to avoid vulnerabilities related to physical access in machines. It is now connected to cyberspace and it is no longer possible to physically isolate them. Industrialists will therefore have to look more closely at this issue.

In any case, we are now in the era of robots, regardless of the risks they represent. It is therefore important to consider the digitisation of the production chain as an opportunity to strengthen your company’s competitiveness, rather than a frightening revolution.