WMF group turn to Korber to optimise supply chain process

WMF group turn to Korber to optimise supply chain process

The WMF Group has chosen to use Körber’s software and automation solutions to merge its logistics capabilities at its new distribution center in Dornstadt, Germany.

The German retailer, manufacturer of small household appliances, is currently supported by Körber in order to optimize its logistics processes. Indeed, the brand of the Seb group, WMF Group, turned to Körber to merge its logistics capabilities with its self-managed logistics site in Germany, in Dornstadt.

This collaboration between the two players is not a first. Indeed, the implementation of the WMS of the same company distribution center was already entrusted to Körber 5 years ago. This is a 40,000 m2 site where the company has just completed the consolidation of its processes and which meets the challenges of BtoB and BtoC delivery.

An automated shuttle system and a dozen workstations, for the goods-to-men processes and the dispatch area, were then supplied and integrated by Körber, without the ongoing operations being interrupted. WMS K.Motion, on the other hand, takes over the planning and central management of goods.

With the new installation, WMF Group sees its customer service improved, its supply chain processes significantly optimized and delivery to end customers strengthened.