A device with an AdvantaFlex® tube aseptic closure system is essential for replacing the transfer fluid during the production process. AdvantaFlex® tubes are suitable for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and laboratory applications. These tubings are widely used in bioreactor processes, vaccine production, pharmaceutical dispensing and sampling systems, high-purity water transfer, and filtration. A tube disconnector ensures a perfectly sterile disconnection of the AdvantaFlex® tubes.

AdvantaFlex ® tubing disconnector– how it works

AdvantaFlex ®

Using a disconnector is the best solution if you want to separate AdvantaFlex® tubing. This machine guarantees that all types of germs which can contaminate the tubing are eliminated. It is also more suitable for aseptic processes since it has an aseptic closure system compatible with AdvantaFlex ® tubes which are perfectly heat-sealable and weldable.

Given the sensitivity of the fluids transferred using AdvantaFlex® tubing, it is mandatory that the disconnector be used in a clean room. When the tubes are disconnected, heat sealing ensures the destruction of all micro-organisms that may proliferate in the tubes. The risk of fluid leakage is also ruled out.

  • To disconnect a tube, the tube is inserted between two clamps, one of which equips the disconnector. When closing, the clamps are then locked using an electromagnet integrated in the device. The disconnection cycle, comprising two phases, is then initiated by the operator.
  • In the first phase, the clamps increase in temperature using a heating device until they slightly exceed the melting point of the tube.
  • The second phase consists of guaranteeing the fusion of the tube and eliminating any bacteria that may be present between the clamps and the tubes by maintaining the temperature level.
  • The temperature of the melt is then lowered using a vane pump, which is integrated within the device, until the operator can handle the tube without danger.
  • The clamps are then unlocked by the electromagnet thus releasing the tube. Fusion is visually checked by the operator who cuts the tube with a pair of scissors.

AdvantaFlex ® tube aseptic closure system

The MGA Technologies tube disconnector and its technical characteristics

The disconnection of AdvantaFlex ® tubes is guaranteed using the disconnector equipped with the aseptic closing system.

  • Accompanied by various sets of anodized aluminum clamps, the device can support different formats.
  • The disconnector simply plugs into the 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains to operate, without the need for compressed air.
  • It allows you to disconnect tubes with a diameter of 1/4″, 3/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″.

The company that designs and manufactures the AdvantaFlex® tubing disconnector is MGA Technologies. It specializes in the design and manufacture of various custom-made special machines dedicated to different sectors: precision mechanics, automotive, food and aeronautics. The company is also a specialist in the creation and production of various types of special equipment for professionals in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical industries. If you are one of its customers, you can benefit from the support of the company throughout your project.

To acquire the AdvantaFlex® tube disconnector, a contact form is available on the company’s website. All information regarding the device will be provided to you by its team of experts.

AdvantaFlex ® is a registered trademark of AdvantaPure.