Alan Plaud – Jacomex R&D Manager

Interview with Jacomex R&D Manager

What was your first job at Jacomex?

I joined Jacomex to complete my end-of-study internship at an engineering school. My first position mechanical engineer researching innovative solutions to technical problems, starting with a project to overhaul our gas purification system.

What is your current role?

I was eventually promoted from an engineering role to my current position as a Research and Development Manager. This role consists of leading projects for the development of new products as well as the improvement of existing products in order to better meet customer needs.

What has surprised you (or perhaps still surprises you) in the containment and sealing market?

What surprised me was the need to master a wide range of core technologies to ensure the safety aspect of our products. Indeed, this requires knowledge in multiple fields such as mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, automation etc. in order to offer maximum protection during the potentially risky aspects of customer manipulations.

Do you have any forecasts on the future of the containment and sealing market?

The containment and sealing market is in constant expansion. Our everyday objects that use materials that may be sensitive to environmental disturbances during their production, so it is necessary to protect them during these phases.
Also, companies are increasingly concerned about the safety of their employees during the production or development phases. Containment is unavoidable in cases where the use of microscopic or even nanometric products is required, or where products are used that can react with components in the ambient air.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in this industry?

I would advise everyone to be curious about and to be interested in all new technologies as the emerge.

About the ccompany: Jacomex is a market leader in the manufacture of glove boxes and made-to-measure isolators since 1945.