Profile of Alfa Laval in industry

Alfa Laval is a global company of Swedish origin, a leader in heat exchange, separation and fluid handling. Alfa Laval develops, manufactures and markets products for many sectors of industry. Alfa Laval also supplies complete assembly lines.

Alfa Laval Products

Alfa Laval’s products are used in many different industry sectors including biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, chemical products, food, dairy and beverage products, pulp and paper, steel, water and water treatment.

Biotechnologies – pharmaceutical industry

Alfa Laval develops, manufactures and markets hygiene products that are intended for use in demanding applications such as those found in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

These applications, just like industrial fermentation processes or the production of therapeutic products (proteins, peptides, molecules), require a high level of hygiene that Alfa Laval’s products provide.

Alfa Laval thus has several lines whose products are optimized for bio-pharmaceutical applications, including tanks and tank cleaning equipment, pumps (centrifugal, liquid ring and lobes), heat exchangers (shell and tube, plate) valves, separation and filtration systems, reactors.

Pharma-X, for example, is a water cooler designed for water injection systems or purified water, which retains a high quality of water even in “stand-by” mode.

Chemical Products

Alfa Laval products are suitable for use in various types of chemical processes including the production of acids (hydrochloric, sulphuric), hydrogen peroxide, soda, caustic soda and also fertilizers and petrochemicals.

Packinox heat exchangers are thus well suited for fertilizer production as they are able to withstand high pressures and high temperatures whilst being compact and are therefore suitable for heat recovery or in an interchanger position. High speed self-cleaning separators can also be used to separate solids and liquids, and thereby help ensure easy waste processing.

For the petrochemical industry, Alfa Laval has a range of compact heat exchangers and a specialised range of tube and grille heat exchangers, which help perform demanding tasks such as energy recovery, heating and cooling, condensation and re-boiling. These are the sort of tasks that are commonly found in ethylene, methanol, polymer or fibre production for example.

Food processing, dairy products and beverages

In the beverages field, Alfa Laval is capable of supplying complete process lines as well as modules that meet the needs of the beverage processing industry (beer, cider, wine, coffee, tea, juice, etc. ), particularly with regard to hygiene. The company also claims that its products help achieve savings of 30-50% in energy consumption.

In the field of food processing and dairy production, hygiene needs are extensive, and this is why Alfa Laval has developed a range of specific products, ranging from simple modules or equipment to complete processing lines. These products are designed to deliver optimal exploitation of the raw material to meet the specific needs of each production site in terms of quality and hygiene.

Alfa Laval also attaches great importance to energy efficiency and environmental issues, and claims that its products can help to develop a zero emission site, by reusing and recycling water and heat flows.

Also in the food industry, Alfa Laval’s products are used in starch or sweetener production and oil refining or extraction.

Pulp and Paper

Afla Laval has extensive experience in the very demanding paper production industry and also in pulp production. The paper industry requires a lot of thermal and mechanical energy as well as dehydration solutions, etc.

Alfa Laval have therefore designed a range of products (heat exchangers, separators, fluid handling equipment) which are suited to these requirements. These products help improve the energy efficiency of paper mills, chemically or mechanically, fluid handling for paper fibres and the treatment of waste water, etc.

Steel Industry

The steel industry is one of the most demanding in the world in terms of cooling, and every company looks to minimise their costs and environmental impact. Alfa Laval has developed closed cooling systems (with plate exchangers), air cooling and water cooling systems, and equipment designed for dust and waste recovery.

Alfa Laval also designs and sells products dedicated to the production of coke, a gas obtained by the pyrolysis of coal in a closed furnace. Consequently, the company also supplies equipment for recovering ammonia, sulphur, light oil and tar as well as primary cooling systems, which are mainly based on plate heat exchangers.

Water and waste water treatment

In every industry we mentioned, water treatment is an important issue. Alfa Laval has significant experience in the field, and offers products for treating sludge, biological wastewater and water from the service sector. These products are designed for both municipal and industrial water: for use in processes such as freshwater arrival, industrial waste water, by-product recovery in wastewater, etc.

In all these applications, Alfa Laval aims to offer products that improve plant efficiency and control costs by reusing water. As wastewater is already paid for by the company, reusing the wastewater increases the company’s resources, which can then be reused in the process of cooling, washing, irrigation, recreation or can even, in some cases, be reinjected into the groundwater.

Alfa Laval’s Services

In addition to customizing solutions according to the needs of its customers, Alfa Laval provides a number of services such as consulting, auditing, performance, cleaning, repairs and maintenance and supplying spare parts. From design and customization right through to maintenance upkeep, Alfa Laval is present over the entire product life cycle.

To deliver these services, Alfa Laval relies on its network of service centres throughout the globe, as well as offering training courses. These training courses are designed to educate customers on the specific needs of their industry and how Alfa Laval products can meet their specific requirements.

Alfa Laval in figures

  • 18 000 employees worldwide
  • 3.8billion euro turnover
  • 130 years in existence
  • 100 – the number of countries where Alfa Laval is present
  • 2.5% of sales reinvested in Research & Development