Performing aseptic disconnections of pharmaceutical tubes is a very common operation, especially in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Indeed, these tubes are used to ensure the circulation of fluids between process equipment that is often disconnected, connected and replaced.

In order to safely disconnect the devices, the pharmaceutical tubes must be disconnected using a special machine. This guarantees that the disconnection is totally aseptic. Find out in this article how your operator can carry out aseptic disconnections of these pharmaceutical tubes.

Aseptic Disconnection of Pharmaceutical Tubes

The machine for performing aseptic disconnection

Specially created and manufactured to carry out aseptic disconnections of hoses, this machine is intended for use in clean rooms. This avoids the risk of contamination of the tubes which must be disconnected or connected. It is essential that the hose be made of thermoplastic elastomer, because the disconnection takes place by thermo-fusion. Here are the steps for aseptic disconnection:

  • Your operator inserts the tube between two clamps which will be locked by an electromagnet after closing,
  • The disconnection cycle is initiated by the operator,
  • The first phase of the cycle consists of increasing the temperature of the clamps until the melting point is reached and slightly exceeded,
  • In the second phase the temperature level is maintained to allow the tube to fuse and to eliminate any bacteria that may be present on both sides of the clamps,
  • The device incorporates a vane pump which reduces the temperature level so that your operator can handle it without danger,
  • The electromagnet unlocks the clamps to release the hose,
  • Your operator then carries out a visual check validating the disconnection process. The operator simply cuts the tube with a pair of scissors.

In order for your devices to work again, they must be reconnected. To do this, a hose sealer is essential. Also intended for use in clean rooms, this machine ensures the aseptic connection of hoses. This machine was designed and manufactured by MGA Technologies and Sanofi Pasteur.

The technical characteristics of the aseptic disconnection machine

The aseptic disconnector is a machine created and manufactured by MGA Technologies. Compatible with TPE tubes, new or autoclaved, of 1/4″, 1/2″ and 3/4″ in diameter, the disconnector can also support different formats.

To this end, different sets of anodized aluminum jaws/clamps are delivered with the device. The disconnector does not need compressed air and operates by simple connection to the 220/230V – 50/60 Hz mains.

About MGA Technologies

MGA Technologies is a Lyon-based company specializing in the creation and manufacture of special machines and equipment for professionals in the biotech, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Specific tailor-made machines for different sectors such as agri-food, automotive, precision mechanics and aeronautics are also created and manufactured by the company.

A contact form is available on the company’s website for any professional seeking more information on the machine for the aseptic disconnection of pharma tubes.