The aseptic closure system integrated in the C-Flex® aseptic tube sealer prevents microorganisms from growing in your sterile process equipment. This machine also reduces your costs and by fully secure fusion, it disconnects all thermoplastic elastomer tubes.

The Aseptic Closure System Sealer is compatible with the C-Flex® tube manufactured by Saint-Gobain. This is a patented thermoplastic elastomer tube dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, medical sector or research.

Currently, you can find different types and sizes of C-Flex® tubing to meet all your needs for completely sterile use. These hoses are designed for use in clean rooms and clean environments.

Different Applications of C-Flex® Tubing

In several fields such as biotech, medical and pharmaceutical, Saint-Gobain’s C-Flex® tubes are among the most widely used flexible hoses. Indeed, the applications of these tubes are multiple and give the possibility of a single use for your sterile processes. Its various applications inclue:

  • Sterile process connection
  • Disposable assembly
  • Sterile Process Disconnection
  • Cell culture operation
  • Preparation of buffers and media
  • Hoses and tubing
  • Diagnostic products
  • Manufacturing in the biopharmaceutical sector
  • Disposable fluid transfer
  • Purification operation
  • Ultrapure water system
  • R&D Laboratory

C-Flex® Aseptic Tube Sealer

This machine has been specially designed to allow the disconnection of Saint-Gobain C-Flex® hoses. It worked with Saint-Gobain to design its pharmaceutical tube connector. It allows you to significantly reduce your costs and to disconnect, in a sterile and effortless way, your various process devices.

How Does it Work?

This machine allows you to seal C-Flex® TPE tubes using an aseptic closure system. The hoses are inserted between two clamps and heated to fuse. Here are the different phases when using the sealing machine:

  • Your operator inserts the tube between two clamps and then closes them,
  • The device locks the jaws (clamps) with an electromagnet, then the temperature of the clamps increases until the melting point of the tube,
  • To fuse the tube and destroy any micro-organism outside the tube, a temperature maintenance phase is set up,
  • A rotary vane pump built into the machine cools the area until your operator can safely handle the machine and the tube,
  • Your operator releases the tube and performs a visual check of the fusion and cuts it with a pair of scissors.

Different Advantages of an Aseptic Closure System

The use of single-use tubing that can be disconnected by fusion is essential in the pharmaceutical field to avoid any risk of contamination of your process equipment.

The many advantages of a sealing machine:

  • Ease of use and cost reduction: you do not need to buy proprietary connectors or lugs to use and disconnect pharmaceutical tubing. You insert the hose into the machine that fuses it and disconnect it by cutting it with a pair of scissors.
  • Long-term use of the machine: You can fuse different brands of TPE tubing with the sealing machine: C-Flex®, Advantaflex®, etc.
  • Local: the sealer is made in France but MGA provides customer support worldwide.

The machine is usually delivered with various aluminum accessories allowing you to seal C-Flex® hoses of different diameters.