Which medical equipment manufacturer should you choose?

Many manufacturers of medical equipment contribute to the development of the activities of professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. To do this, they offer reliable equipment designed to optimize their productivity and performance. Their objective is to provide them with all the equipment necessary to optimize their productivity and performance. It is therefore essential for these manufacturers to lean on the experience of companies specializing in the design and manufacture of clean room equipment, medical equipment or even tailor-made devices. Who are the different manufacturers in the medical device market?

The different types of medical devices on offer

In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, manufacturers of medical devices have an important role to play. The different pieces of equipment available on the market can allow professionals to modify their mode of production, helping them to optimize their production rate while simultaneously increasing the quality of their work. The design of the majority of these materials must be closely studied in order to promote their use in a clean environment or in a clean room.

Among the pieces of equipment available on the market are items such as the vial dynamizer, sterile connectors and disconnectors, medical devices as well as other pieces of equipment that can be used in clean rooms.

The bottle energizer for laboratory use

A bottle energizer is an ideal tool to use in the laboratory for energizing and emulsifying various solutions. It is possible to install it in various laboratories to dilute or to shake or stir solutions.

This equipment has been designed to be integrated within a clean environment. It incorporates a mechanical clamp to hold the bottle. This clamp can then make a vertical movement thanks to a motor. The frequency of the gripper movement can be defined, depending on the target energization process.

It is a very practical device which is particularly useful in any laboratory where various solutions based on active ingredients have to be stirred or diluted.

The pharmaceutical trolley

Widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical trolley offers professionals in the sector more practicality. This mobile workstation is generally equipped with several elements including side shelves, trays, various supports, baskets, etc. End users can configure it depending on its uses and needs.

The pharmaceutical trolley can also be used as a workstation or as an occasional piece of furniture. Its use is not restricted solely to the pharmaceutical sector as professionals in the biotech and medical sectors can also use it.

The major advantage of the pharmaceutical trolley is that it offers significant time savings. The user is spared unnecessary travel as they have their work tools nearby. In addition, the trolley’s open structure offers easy access to documents as well as to the various tools required by its user.

Sterile connectors

A sterile connector is a reliable device that ensures aseptic connection of the tubing used to connect two or more process devices. Some manufacturers offer single-use connectors, and others offer multiple-use connectors.

It is a tool perfectly adapted for use in a clean environment. The hoses are squeezed into a clamp, designed specifically for cleanroom use while it also has the added advantage of allowing TPE tubes of different brands to be connected (C-Flex®, Advantaflex®, etc.).

Sterile disconnectors

A sterile disconnector is a piece of equipment that can be used in a clean room. It is a device that ensures the tubes used to connect process devices can be separated or disconnected aseptically. Microorganisms that may contaminate tubing can be destroyed by heat sealing.

C-Flex® or Advantaflex® brand hoses can be cut using this sterile disconnector. In addition, the device can support different formats and is perfectly secure for use by all operators.

It should be noted that the device has the advantage of allowing both empty or full hoses to be securely disconnected.

Who are the different manufacturers of medical equipment?

Many manufacturers of medical equipment are present on the market. Regarding sterile connectors, we can mention, among others, Sebra and Vante Biopharm, which both use robust and reliable technologies to weld or seal TPE tubing. In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, the equipment offered by these manufacturers is intended for single-use sterile processes.

As for pharmaceutical service or medical trolleys, one of the more notable suppliers is the French manufacturer Villard Médical, which provides professionals with over a thousand different products.

Concerning sterile connectors and disconnectors for multiple use or the dynamizer of vials for use in the laboratory, we can mention the Lyon-based company MGA Technologies. The company manufactures various pieces of medical equipment for professionals working in the pharmaceutical field, in particular those mentioned above.

MGA Technologies products

Special equipment and medical equipment are not the only products available from MGA Technologies. The Lyon-based company also designs and manufactures various small pieces of equipment that can be used in clean rooms, such as:

Stainless steel PC consoles for use in the retention zone

Sterile stainless steel hose reel trolleys which can pass through an autoclave

Syringe strip loading conveyors

An online weighing robot which allows the verification of the dosing pumps of a Bausch & Ströbel machine by automatic sampling,

Workflow management supports and peripherals.

Professionals in the pharmaceutical or medical industry can turn to MGA Technologies, which is not only a manufacturer of medical equipment, but also a designer of various special machines for the automotive and biotechnology industry. The design of all the equipment manufactured by the company takes into account all the strict constraints of the pharmaceutical industry. A contact form is available if you wish to know more about the equipment manufactured by MGA Technologies.