The use of a custom-made glove box allows you to have a safe environment for your work. You can use this device in your laboratory, production room, workshop, etc. A custom-made glove box confines handling and provides your operator with a safe working space while protecting his environment.

Use of a Glove Box in Research

For any process that has to take place in a confined space, whether in a laboratory or in research, a custom-made glove box is necessary. The security of the objects or products handled is simplified by this sealed enclosure. Substances and products must not be contaminated, but they can also be a danger to the environment and to humans. In an insulated work area, your processes are safe in a contained atmosphere or in an inert or extremely pure atmosphere.

For research, the use of the custom-made glove box, which is a unique and specially manufactured structure for handling specific substances and products, is preferred. It is also used in academic research (nanotechnology, physics, biology, chemistry, etc.). It is also very present in the industrial sector (microelectronics, aeronautics, defense industry, petrochemistry, additive manufacturing, etc.).

By using a custom-made glove box, you can be sure of having an airtight and secure workspace. Indeed, when handling dangerous products or carrying out specific work requiring a finely controlled atmosphere, this device is ideal. It makes your handling, your operators and the environment safer.

Custom-made Solutions for each Application

As a containment vessel, the custom glove box can be of various sizes. The atmosphere can be controlled and your operators can create a contained or inert atmosphere. In this way, they can protect the handling of objects and products from possible contamination. Thanks to the transparent walls of the glove box, your operators can see what is being handled. The attached handling gloves also protect them. Transfer systems, regulators, safety systems and purification and disinfection devices also ensure that the custom-made glove box functions properly.

The custom-made glove box can be operated under overpressure or under vacuum, depending on its application. During your research, the constraints dictated by the products you handle can be numerous and complex. This is why it is advisable to rely on the optimal safety offered by a custom-made glove box. It will meet your exact requirements and be fully compatible with your laboratory research projects.

When designing a custom glove box, manufacturers take into account many factors: dimensions, shapes, volumes, materials and integrations. It all depends on the specificity of your research project. The main elements that condition the configuration of your equipment are: the environment, accessibility to and integration of internal instruments and machines, safety and normative aspects, and the operations to be carried out in the custom-made glove box.

Need a Custom Glove Box for your Research Laboratory?

Many companies in the field of containment technology offer different models of custom-made glove boxes. Their aim is to enable each field to work efficiently and safely.

If your research involves the experimentation, production, manufacture or synthesis of specific products, the equipment you need to use is a custom-made glove box. This allows you to carry out your work under the most stringent conditions, especially when the processes and materials are highly sensitive or hazardous to the environment and humans.

The custom-made glove box also finds its place in the industrial field, particularly for titanium and laser welding, 3D printing, nuclear, aeronautics, food processing, microelectronics, additive manufacturing, etc. So, whether you are in research or an industrialist in one of the above-mentioned sectors, your custom-made glove box can be manufactured according to the specificity of its application.