Designing automated assembly systems that include the installation of automation software and hardware in production lines is essential, especially for manufacturing industries. Improving their productivity and profitability requires the automation of various tasks such as distribution, cutting, welding and packaging. A well thought-out and controlled integration of production line automation offers many advantages.

What are the Advantages of Automating a Production Line?

Integrating automation into production lines is a major challenge that impacts the profitability and productivity of manufacturers. Apart from the guarantee of a constant and controlled quality of the products, for the manufacturer, automation also represents a great advantage for its operators. Difficult working conditions potentially improved and their added value is optimized.

Automating your production lines offers your operators more time to optimize the management of your production line, but above all, relieving operators of tedious and repetitive tasks. But automation also offers other advantages such as:

  • A better exploitation of space within your production unit. The integration of equipment and machines for the automation of your production line optimizes the space as well as the efficiency of the process flow.
  • An improvement in the reliability and quality of your products. All your products are manufactured with unchanged specifications and benefit from the same quality. Tasks are reproduced identically and are carried out with precision on an automated production line.
  • A reduction of your production costs. The rapid return on investment offered by automation compensates for the initial costs of installing it.
  • An optimization of the cycle times of the parts on your production line. Lightening your production line increases its efficiency. Moreover, robots, which operate longer and faster, will increase your production rates.
  • A reduction of your waste and an energy saving. Robots operate with precision, which allows them to save raw materials and consume only the energy they need. Implementing a recovery solution also allows you to reduce waste processing.

Competitiveness remains the main advantage of automating a production line. Your clients are most interested in delivery times and reduced production costs. You can achieve a better price/performance ratio through automation. This will allow you to maintain your business at its current location, with an increase in your profit margins.

Automation of Production Lines by an Integrator

Your production line automation project requires the expertise of an integrator. By requesting an integrator, such as MGA Technologies, you pass one of the first steps of the integration of automation in your production line.

This France-based SME will agree beforehand on a functional analysis by discussing with you, well before the study and design phase. This will enable its experts to provide you with answers that fit the needs. You can also review your facilities or production units as well as your manufacturing process.