For the smooth running of your research projects and your processes in the pharmaceutical-medical field, it is essential to choose a manufacturer supplying quality glove boxes. Indeed, these containment boxes guarantee the protection of the operators, the products and the environment. Therefore, they must meet the safety standards in force, the constraints of each operation, but also the specificities of each project. The list below presents 5 of the best manufacturers of glove boxes for medical and pharmaceutical use.


Jacomex is recognised expert in the design of glove boxes and containment solutions for applications in pharmaceutical-medical, research and development, nuclear, industrial, energy, etc… For more than 70 years, it has been designing and manufacturing purification units and glove boxes for scientists and industrialists in France and around the world.

Jacomex is a French company. With this manufacturer, you have the opportunity to meet with experts for the study of your project and your needs, workshop visits, simulations and tests, etc. in order to benefit from glove boxes adapted to the requirements of your project and meet your deadlines.


Braun is an American company that was founded in 1976. It produces high quality inert gas glove box systems. The company has the know-how and masters the techniques and standards in force to offer reliable products. It is constantly improving its skills to integrate emerging technologies into its equipment according to the needs of its customers. This glove box manufacturer is also committed to meeting its customers’ individual needs and deadlines.

Inert Technology

Inert is also a manufacturer that has been supplying glove boxes, solvent purification systems and gas management systems to the pharmaceutical-medical sector since 1981. Aware that the manufacturing line and workflow varies, however, from one project to another, it offers standard equipment and tailor-made solutions. It guarantees quality, flexibility and a high level of safety for all its products.

Vacuum Atmosphers Company or VAC

Since its inception in 1960, VAC has many years of experience in the manufacture of glove boxes and gas purification units. The company markets high quality standard and custom-made containment enclosures incorporating the most advanced technologies. It is very demanding on the internal manufacturing process and the control of its equipment to maintain high quality. The glove box manufacturer puts its know-how at your service for system integration and product selection.


The development of glove boxes is one of the specialties of the Mikrouna company, based in China. It is at the origin of various standard and innovative products that can be customized according to the demands of its customers. Among its products are glove boxes under inert gas, gas purification systems, etc. They meet German standards. Mikrouna also offers personalized service to its customers.